Unsaid Studio is a creative production co. in New York City

Supercharging brands, transforming spaces and amplifing experiences.  Hyper-focused design, animation and storytelling.

Color / Energy / Movement - find us anywhere that technology and craft intersect.

High Fidelity, Design & Motion -High Fidelity, Design & Motion -High Fidelity, Design & Motion -

Headquarted in Dumbo, near the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.   

Lead by award-winning creative directors. Empowered by a team of global superstars.

Why Us

Unsaid Studio is a supercharged design & motion company in New York City.

We craft mind-blowing creative content for brands and agencies. 

Our Reel  /  hello@unsaid.nyc

Proudly Pragmatic 
We're a team of lateral thinking, problem solving designers and artists. The challenges we overcome are what define our studio.
More Than Just a Vendor
Our clients' problems are our own. We have a high level of consideration in everything we do. From big to small, we truly care.
Anything Is Possible
Ignite ideas. We’re fearless and surpass expectations every day. Come join us in the exciting spaces in between disciplines.
Fast & Direct 
Our clients talk directly to the craftspeople that know how to make the work. We optimize the creative process by removing walls, confusion and empowering multidisiplinary artists. 
Global Disposition
Our talented team spans multiple continents. Proudly global, a company founded in the multicultural soup of NYC when a Brit met a Brazilian. 

Founded in 2019, we saw an opportunity. We felt advertising had become overly complex and that craft and creativity needed to be simplified and brought into focus. 

We simplify the commmunication process by removing layers of logistics and bureaucracy. We make the lives of our partners easier.

We simplify creative development. When we're briefed, clients always tell us we just "get it" from day one. We trust our instincts and experience.

We simplify the message. The best ideas don't need explanation. But they still need to be expertly excecuted. We focus in on what matters and turn it up to 11.

In the past few years, we've shown some of the biggest names in the business that there's a better way to be creative.

It's loud out there, let's cut through the din. It's loud out there, let's cut through the din. It's loud out there, let's cut through the din.









Problem Solvers


Keka Petrich, Executive Producer


+1 (954) 892-3858


Doug Bello, Co-Founder, Director 



Tom Alex Buch, Co-Founder, ECD



53 Bridge Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201  


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