Crafting an epically sarcastic, over-the-top reveal of the "Ring of Comfort" for the Super Bowl Almost Champions.

For the Super Bowl LVIII and in partnership with M&M’S (Mars) and BBDO, we were given the task of shining a dazzling light on the unsung heroes of the game: the losers.


The ring was first seen in a 30” spot, starring such runners-up as Scarlett Johansson, Dan Marino, Terrell Owens and Bruce Smith. We also graced the Jumbotron in Times Square New York.

Absolutely epic, and absolutely cheesy. Absolutely epic, and absolutely cheesy. Absolutely epic, and absolutely cheesy.

Our task: Bring bling to the ring. Studded with real diamonds made from M&M’S peanut butter. Its sides were emblazoned with a three-leaf clover and ‘2>1’, while a glittering M&M proudly flashing two fingers for second place rests in a bed of rubies on the top. Inside, wearers could find a single peanut butter M&M, sat in a mini stadium bezel.


To engineer the most hype-filled yet sarcastic atmosphere possible for film, our artists used all the tools in the toolbox: lens flares, shining sparks, diamonds refracting rainbows, embers, and smoke.


" Lens flares, sparkling diamonds, huge camera moves and
Scarlett Johannson. What's not to like? " 

Doug Bello Co-founder and Director



Created by Unsaid Studio partnered with BBDO



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