At the cutting edge of healthcare, incredible things are happening. In this series we celebrate how technology, AI and biology are merging for a brighter future.  

Medical artwork shouldnt make you feel nostalgic about your dusty old school text book, or worse still... use sci fi tropes. We believe it should uplift and inspire.

Inspired by a project with Redesign Health.


Whether selling a product or explaining complex scientific concepts, we think the spaces between healthcare, science and technology deserve light and color. The goal - to try to take people’s breath away.  

Nanobiotechnology advancements in science and medicine have allowed researchers to study and control the world around us on a progressively smaller scale..  

Our ultra detailed and colorful petri dishes with micro worlds help to stimulate the imagination and inspire the feeling of endless opportunity.


The emerging field of 3D bioprinting is changing how surgeons practice and plan for heart surgery.  

Researchers leveraging AI have developed the world’s fastest DNA sequencing techniques. Supercharging the process of identifying rare diseases.



Created by Unsaid Studio



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