Gift of Life’s mission is to cure blood cancer through cellular therapy. Promoting the noble act of blood donation, we teamed up with renowned agency DDB to realize a campaign through beautiful design and motion.  

The campaign celebrates the fact that a patient and a donor are inextricably linked forever. To help visualize this, the overall concept was to connect names through shared letters. Helping to show the human stories and add weight to something that can often be anonymous.


To be successful, the delicate and serious subject matter demanded taste and elegance. When design work is this simple, there isn't any space to hide. Animation needs to be flawless.


Just one font, a palette of only black and white. The profound simplicity of the work stands out amongst all the noise, especially when viewed amongst all the screens in Times Square or in the dense pages of The Washington Post.


As it often does, creative exploration in 3D software took the project to a new level. Unlocking that extra dimension helped us explore new, seemingly boundless creative avenues. 


Our work reduced complex ideas to poignant metaphorical moments.



Created by Unsaid Studio partnered with DDB



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