Panchita! The Girl with the Dancing Heart 

200 million people still live in poverty in South America… TECHO is an NGO that makes a tangible difference. In the last 25 years, they have built homes for 131,000 families in 18 countries and counting.

At Unsaid Studio, we were inspired to give something back and use our medium to engage and drive change. A short film now in production, Panchita! is inspired by the true story of a girl looking to find stable foundations to follow her dreams. 


In a world so worried about bored apes, swapping digital assets and updating their smartphones, it’s easy to forget there are still places where people struggle for basic necessities. This project was an opportunity to recapture some of our wide eyed innocence and inspire action! Proud to be sponsored by companies key to Panchita's creation - Maxon, Wacom & Syncsketch. 

Help us make a change! 


Story & Characters

“Mama we have a floor! We have a floor!” From the moment a volunteer described the joy of seeing a 6-year-old girl dance in her new Techo house for the first time, our short story began to fall into place. 

Upon unearthing a magical old VCR,  Panchita discovers her calling - to tap dance.

Guided by an unexpected, supernatural friend and mentor, a new passion transforms her very surroundings.


Like most of us, Panchita did not choose her home. She's blissfully unaware of her grandma’s day to day struggle in a Favela in South America. Even so, Panchita is as wide-eyed and precocious as any 6-year-old has ever been.



Through Panchita's eyes, it's a wide new world full of tropical colors and simple, innocent shapes. Visually, we wanted the film to inspire people to make change and uplift. Techo empowers and is something to be optimistic about; it's a tale of hope and triumph against adversity. We settled on an illustrative, almost toy-like miniature visual style that appealed to all ages.

When you donate, TECHO enables you to reach into a favela and affect someone's life in a physical way. Our toy-like set makes it easy to imagine placing a new model home into the scene with your own hands.

Early Design Exploration


Terrain & Nature

Within the favela, there is no space free from the elements, the very ground is unforgiving. The sand, a key member of our cast, visually and technically was a challenging balance. It needed to move realistically, feel miniature and stay consistent with our world of simplified shapes. 

Our Growing Team

Proud to be empowering South American artists, sound designers and animators.

Doug Bello - Director / Executive Producer / Story

Tom Alex Buch - Art Director / Creative Director

Jonathan Souza - Animation Director

Luciano “The Ear” Nader - Modeler

Pablo Porto - Lookdev / Render

Allan Foxlau - Designer / Art Director

Liza Domingues - Art Director

Mayumi Kimura - Character Designer

Rodrigo Rodrigues - Technical Director / Rig

Joanna Vieira - Costume Designer

Ariane Pelissoni - Modeler

Keka Petrich - Producer

Sara Félix - Producer / VO artist

Rodrigo Lescano - CG Generalist 

Bruno Borges - Consultant

Jarbas Agnelli - Creative Consultant


Andressa Paccini - Producer

Fernando Rodrigues - Writer

Arthur Azevedo - Modeling

Maurício Nader - Soundtrack

Aimée Ueda - Animator

Anna Julia Queiroz - Animator

Bruno Fabian - Animator

Gustavo Oes - Animator

Fabricio Luiz - Animator

Jonas Silva - Animator

Jorge Amorim - Animator

Guilherme Peixoto - Animator

Angy Garzon - Designer

Ana Testa - Marketing director

Orlando Souza - Architectural Adviser


Our Growing Team

Proud to be empowering South American artists, sound designers and animators.


''Remember animators! When you are six years old, your feet don't respect your wishes.''

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Created by Unsaid Studio


Partnered with 

TECHO, Maxon, Syncsketch, Wacom



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