A series of animations created for the world's most expensive venue, The SoFi Stadium. And just in time for the Super Bowl…  

We were invited by Troika to create visually arresting branded artwork for a uniquely shaped cylindrical screen. Our aim - to capture attention, engage and inspire.

Unsaid Studio work for SoFi

By turning the limitations of the screen into opportunities, we broke boundaries with simulated physics and visual experimentation.

Unsaid Studio work for SoFi

We extracted some 3D shapes from SoFi's logo. Creating a sandbox to play within, the results are playful and kinetic.

Unsaid Studio work for SoFi

Situated in the heart of the sports stadium, we felt it fitting to gamify the screen, creating branded pachinko boards and mini golf courses.

"Throw the brand guide out… let's go bowling with their logo."



Created by Unsaid Studio



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